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December 5, 2008


Do you know of any prayer that has no reference to any deity and one that is different from the normal, sombre & usual tones of a usual prayer? Do you know why you pray? Do you know of any prayer that has no pleads  & demands but one that has humor & gratitude contained in it?




Well, why not?
The answer to this is relatively simple. A prayer is usually an indictment of a culture’s shallow and atheistic invocation of god for that religions own means and ends. Most of us get soo deeply engrossed in prayer and its verses that we ultimately defeat the whole meaning of a prayer!

So, what is a prayer?
Some say it’s a platform where you can ask for forgiveness, some believe it’s a form of allegiance to their culture/ religion. Some think it as a sure shot path to heaven while some others don’t even know why they pray!
You see, there’s so much ambiguity even when it comes to something as simple and pure as a prayer. This is again where our belief system intervenes and separates us!

Simply put, a prayer in its innate form is moment of solitude, a short period where you are in equanimity with your inner self. Period.
It is a moment where you reflect upon all that has happened and all that is happening in and around you and your life. It is moment where you observe reality as it is and as it should be. It is the only time when you connect with the universe and its vast & infinite expanses and derive energy and power to unleash a force within you that supercedes anything and everything!

When you are in prayer, it is your inner self and your conscience that takes over. Now someone will surely argue that for any form of communication to be complete, there needs to be a sender and a receiver. That’s what they mean by you and god (a deity). When you pray, its your inner self that is in conversation with the universal forces. There is no physical being in the heavens listening to you and waiting to grant you with what you want. Had it been that way, the problems in the world would have been magnified manifold!

So what happens when you pray?
There is a karmic connection between you and the infinity above. The universe listens to everyone and responds in an unconventional manner. It gives you not what you want but gives you only what you need to have to get what you want. The answers are already there within us and they surface when we are in prayer. Life’s seemingly impossible questions have unbelievably mundane answers…its just that we decode them in a wrong fashion.

What about the poor athiests? Do they pray? And to whom?
Most athiests would say that they don’t pray and they dont believe in such things. But the reality is that they do pray, its just that its done unconsciously in the ordinary scheme things. They do thank, they do ask for forgiveness and they do receive answers… but they term the incidence as ‘luck’ or ‘finding answers to questions on their own accord’ which again is a form of prayer!

So why not free prayers of selective references & particular codes of conduct?
Because it is considered unwise  & awry to do so. But my prayers are away from any particular references of god. In fact, I talk to my god like a friend in a humorous way and converse in a manner that seems natural to me. I delve deep into my inner self and get my answers right there. And I haven’t been punished by any higher power for doing so…yet!

So PRAY! But pray with meaning & purpose and not because of seeking allegiance to someone or the fear of being abandoned by your religion. Pray because you yourself are responsible for your circumstances and because you already have the answers hidden within you. Pray to gift yourself a moment away from the world and reflect upon all things that matter in life.
Pray not because you have to, but because you WANT to!

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  1. Sophia Marsden permalink
    December 5, 2008 4:53 pm

    How would a prayer not reference God?
    Actually there are some that don’t but they are directed at someone who is not God:
    My Queen and my Mother, to thee I offer myself without any reserve; and to give thee a mark of my devotion, I consecrate to thee during this day my eyes, my ears, my mouth, my heart, and my whole person. Since I belong to thee, O my good Mother, preserve and defend me as thy property and posession.

    But I think what you are talking about is not really prayer in any sense of the word. Prayer is directed at a being who is other by necessity. The other makes demands on the self and the self engages with the other – otherwise there is no interaction. And why pray if one does not desire to interact?

  2. VT permalink*
    December 5, 2008 10:58 pm

    You are also right on your part Sophia. I’m not trying to even hint that there is no god. I clearly state that this blog is about the universe as the creator of everything and referring to that only. My point is that many people just forget the essence of a prayer and are lost in what a prayer should be like or whom it should be directed towards. And surely there is the universe listening and answering in the form of events in our lives! Thats the interaction I’m referring to.

  3. December 8, 2008 1:01 pm

    I think the essence of a prayer is to reach out to an obvious place where we haven’t reached before. It is discovering that we ourselves have the answers to everything and just need some powerful source to identify them.

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