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Instant ‘action’ for long-lasting change

June 10, 2009

‘There’s a difference between knowing and realizing‘ was a thought that I left you with in the last post. For those who haven’t read it yet (and should before reading any further) , click here now.

We discussed that- ‘Once the REALIZATION dawns upon you, half your



miseries are solved’
When you realize that there’s something wrong happening in your life or you feel that slight discomfort, you’ve crossed half the bridge.

Questioning your beliefs is like pinching yourself to assure that you’re not dreaming. It brings about more objectivity to your life rather than the subjective biases that we all very easily bring in (because of our lackadaisical mind) without ‘realization’. And yet most of us think we know it all!

So now that you’ve crossed half the bridge & are raring to get to the other end, I give you 4 simple action reminders.
Notice I call them ‘action reminders‘ and not ‘action steps’ as they lead to action and at the same time act as alarm clocks to remind you, at each step in life, about the importance of applying them.

1. Awareness
At each passing instance, be aware of your thoughts. As per the law of manifestation, your thoughts lead to feelings which lead to actions which in turn yield proportionate results. In short, what you sow is what you will reap. Be aware & realize what the dominant thoughts doing the rounds in that 3-kg mass at the top are. Awareness i.e. realization is the key step to making long lasting changes.

An easy way to do this is to wear a wrist band which signifies and reminds you to constantly think positive/beneficial thoughts. If you notice that your dominant beliefs are not helping you or are defying logic (you will know this by the reactions/behavior of people around you) just pinch yourself or deny yourself of something that you need. eg. Skip lunch or miss a class if you have to. I know its harsh but its punishments that make us more vigilant & more aware  about our responsibilities.

2. Count your blessings
I cannot undermine the importance of this one at all!

More often than not, you will find yourself fretting over the things you don’t have or the way you are not rather than the wonderful things you possess and the beautiful life in and around you. Tell me if I’m wrong!

So, for a better belief mechanism, count your blessings. Count all the good things in your life rather than the not-so-good things. One, you will feel better. Two, you will start thinking better thoughts. Three, you will come to believe that there’s more good to life than there’s bad. And four, you will thank me! Do this from this very moment.

3. Morning Musings
What’s the first thing you do when you get up each morning (or afternoon)?
Without getting into too many details, when you want to change a certain aspect of your thinking and your belief system, mornings are the best time to do so.

You’re alert, fresh and full of energy. Contemplate & reflect on what you’re doing wrong and what area of your ‘vision’ and ‘beliefs’ require refurbishment. Then act upon it at every passing moment.

4. Anne Frank 😉
Last but not the least, learn from what Anne Frank did. She wrote about all that happened in her life. She wrote about all that could have happened in her life. She’s a legend.

But becoming a legend is not on our agenda yet!
Write about your good points and bad points. Write about steps that you take to capitalize on the plus points and steps that you take to do away with your minus points.
Write about anything that you perceive through your way of thinking and then read it from an objective angle. Make sense of it…
If you find it difficult to maintain a physical diary due to the presence of gossip mongers around you or nagging souls, maintain an online one that’s password protected. But write. Because only when you can see the change you want to be will you actually change or at least try to.

These were just some small yet powerful ways for tweaking your belief system and your habits.

If you have any more that can help us all, please do comment below. After all, we all would like to be slightly better, right?

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  1. Rishabh permalink
    June 23, 2009 10:55 pm

    Implementing them is whats not that easy!!!
    But yeah like you said, we need to try atleast!
    Thanks…good one.


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