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It only takes an instant…

June 10, 2009

Hi folks!
In the last post, I boldly stated:
‘It only takes an instant to change your belief and hence your life!’

Yeah, ‘An Instant’…

No, I ain’t fooling you. I haven’t even cracked my thick skull yet.

I’m letting you in on a secret. Shhh…
A secret that has the power to change your life forever, only if give it some deep thought. (You can share the secret too)

So for those of you who have read about the SPEC-tacular truth of life and also some of its forms (those who haven’t, read them before proceeding), I’d like to ask you some questions.

– Is there any one instance in your life when you felt frustrated about your circumstances, felt cheated, defeated or just felt plain ‘sick’ of things?
– What prompted you to feel that way?
– Did you feel as though a leech was sucking the happiness/peace out of your life?

Oh I can bet a million bucks that each one of us has surely felt that way more than once (unless your Buddha off-course!)

– But heck, what do we do?
Either blame our ‘luck’ or curse someone or accept defeat or do jack shit about it…. or at times, rare times – ponder.

Did I say ponder?

Yes, its this ‘pondering’ which is often put on the back-burner. But this is normal as we humans are accustomed to focusing on the ‘what-has-happened’ rather than the ‘what-can-happen’. This is because of our mind and the experiment that its unconsciously performing!

So what is that ‘instant’ that can change your belief and your life & what’s so special (that I need to write so much about it?)

Its called – REALIZATION.

Simple word, simple meaning,  HUGE implications!



As it is said by some old wisecrack- ‘Once the REALIZATION dawns upon you, half your miseries are solved’
When you realize that there’s something wrong happening in your life or you feel that slight discomfort, you’ve crossed half the bridge.

This realization is nothing but you questioning your beliefs and your thought process. Its nothing but you asking yourself- ‘X is X because I thought this way & Y will be Z because I believe it will’
How often (or rather do we ever) question our beliefs?

Mr. P says Nahhh, only dumb jerks do that. I’m Purrfecto!

Knock-knock- Reality check: I’d like to meet that dumb jerk & not you Mr.Purrfecto!

Because that person has ‘realized’ that there’s more to all things than what meets the eye.
Questioning your beliefs is like pinching yourself to assure that you’re not dreaming. It brings about more objectivity to your life rather than the subjective biases that we all very easily bring in (because of our lackadaisical mind) without ‘realization’. And yet most of us think we know it all!

‘There is a difference between hearing and listening. That’s exactly the difference between knowing and realizing. Think about it…’

Like I said somewhere above (if you read carefully enough)-
‘Once the REALIZATION dawns upon you, half your miseries are solved’

The other half is the ACTION part which can truly transform your life. These include 4 action steps which you can implement instantly and notice the changes ohh-so-soon!

This article had the waffle cone. The ice-cream comes to you next week! Till then hang on & spread the word!


(Our Facebook group still awaits those who haven’t joined yet!)

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  1. John L. permalink
    June 22, 2009 12:16 am

    Very good one! Never really realized this! 😉


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