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How to achieve your goals- football style!

June 19, 2010

Vuvuzela trumpets here, vuvuzela trumpets there, vuvuzela trumpets everywhere!!!
Jabulani (the official world cup soccer ball) seems to be bending too much through the air!
The best teams suffering humiliating losses to the underdogs!(Did we hear someone blame the Jabulani?)

The Ultimate Goal

That’s the FIFA 2010 World Cup for you till now!

LIFEism is back – we were just practicing ‘being’ and observing life. 🙂

So you have dreams, aspirations & ideas.
You have desires, drives and determination.
You have strategies, plans and you have goals!

But so does the game of football!

So you have a team of 11 players, all working in unison, trying to steer that round thing into a net guarded by a jumping jack belonging to the other 11. Guiding the ball past the opponents, through the earsplitting noise of the spectators (and Vuvuzelas) and passing it to a supporting player is no easy task.

Carefully planned formations can’t do a thing when they don’t work in harmony. However, even the best formation of opponents can be broken by a free kick blinder that goes right into the goal. (Rooney anyone?)

Sometimes, a substitute player turns out to be the dark horse. Sometimes, a stroke of bad luck could send you off the field. (Still fancy being red-carded?) Sometimes, a stroke of good luck could yield a penalty shot- resulting in a goal. Sometimes even the referee misses to notice the ‘hand of god’* at work!

A ‘win’ is very emotional. It encapsulates all that the team wanted & all it did to get there.

And that- my friends- is exactly what you’re playing.

You are trying to guide yourself to a ‘win’.
You are trying to pursue & achieve that one, elusive ‘goal’.

You are the Brazils, the Argentina’s, the England’s or the Spain’s (or Switzerland, if we see your loyalties moving!). You all want to reach the Jabulani ball (your goal) to the nets (to completion/ fulfillment).

A broad Plan

You have a perfect blend of traits, characteristics, habits, ideas, strategies, forces & action-plans. These and many more form your core team of defenders, mid-fielders and strikers. The formation you make with these key players is what decides how fast or how smoothly you can get to your goal.

However, do realize that there are an equal and opposite number of these in your environment (the other 11) – call them the sense of fear,  the circumstances, the detractors, the negative thinkers, the jealous cats, the party-spoilers that are a hindrance to you reaching your goal. You’ll find many such on your path to achieving your goal. The idea is to channel your energies on guiding the ball past them with all your skill and might. Learn everything you can, sharpen your skills, jump each hurdle and then go for the kill.


The resounding PE-PE of the Vuvuzela trumpets and the screeching spectators are the many distractions on your path to your goal. They can easily take you off track, you can easily lose focus. There is anyways a lot of noise in today’s hot, flat and crowded world. Everyone is vying for your attention. Look only where you must. Remember- ‘focus’ is key.

You also have the referee to play spoilt sport- who represents the fundamental laws of nature, science, business & life that govern every move you make towards your goal.


Break them and get ready for the red-card (setbacks, disappointments, downfalls, failures). These laws also call out a ‘foul’ when you go off your limits. They remind you that you must work towards your goal but stay within acceptable norms. They correct you when you go wrong.

Sometimes you may also have to substitute your styles of functioning to suit your action plans. A substitute player (in the form of different skill-sets, different approaches) may prove to be the missing link to your goal. However, every foul / card must strengthen your resolve to put in more fire-power and go towards the net.

But sometimes, and I say SOMETIMES, even the inexplicable ‘luck’ comes into the picture. Life may offer you a penalty shot right to your goal- a strong contact, a lottery, a helping hand, basically anything that gets you very close to your goal. You can actually see the ‘hand-of-god’* at work.


When you channel all your energies in one direction, you also easily cross the last obstacle- the goalkeeper. This guy could represent all your deepest, most pressing fears & inhibitions. This is where you ‘conquer’ them all.
I don’t need to elaborate the feelings experienced on reaching your goal.

The euphoria that takes over is what makes the process of achieving goals ohh-so-amazing! (Take some inspiration from the players and their unique style of goal celebration).

What happens when a team wins a match?

They work harder to win even bigger matches and beat even better teams.

Remember you are a team. You are a culmination of many traits, habits, characteristics. You, like every other being, have unlimited needs/ wants/ desires. You thus have many more goals to hit!

So go ‘waka-waka’, play more, coz the more you play, the more you learn. The more you learn, the more you win!

If you ever find it difficult to achieve your goals and don’t have this article for inspiration, just watch a football match.

Chances are that your goals are easier than theirs! 🙂

Watch this amazing video which shows how different players (forces within your control & beyond) interact to score a goal!

*’hand-of-god’: One of the most famous (and controversial) goals of all time by the Argentinian ‘Maradona’ where he scored with his hand. It went un-noticed. It’s what we call the ‘stroke of luck’ in your journey towards your goals! Click here to view the ‘hand-of-god’ goal.

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  1. Fabian permalink
    June 21, 2010 11:20 pm

    Waka-waka stuff! You sure scored…

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