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The ‘5 People’ In The Room

August 14, 2012

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Hello & Welcome.

Humans have evolved from Monkeys.

I hope you know that.

Since the Darwinian Theory of Evolution, scientists have conducted hordes of experiments and conducted innumerable trials to understand behavioral traits of monkeys.
Scientists are trying to garner ‘insights’ into possible trickle down effects in humans.

One such simple monkey trial is illustrated below.

The Human Story

the Story of Stories…

NOW, now, now.

The scientists ended up with a group of ‘5 monkeys’ with altered behaviors.

Each one started off with the attributes & traits that come most naturally to them (i.e. getting the banana).
However, interactions and altercations with the altered (adapted) behaviors of the group made each one change / tweak their demeanors (behaviors) to supposedly – ‘conform’.

And this one trial has had a major trickle down effect on humans.


It’s about the ‘5 People In The Room‘ concept.

If your life’s akin a room, you will realize that you end up spending a sizeable portion of your time (at any given point in time) with certain people and at certain places.

More often than not, these people are your family, relatives, friends and co-workers.

And believe it or not – it is this chunk of time spent with these specific people and at particular places that defines a large part of your personality and who you are as a person. Your adapted behavioral traits might not have any reasoning or logic to it but you act that way because that’s what you’ve always seen and experienced.

From the above example and the explanation that followed, it would be fair to infer that:


Why just 5 people?
Just because the scientists conducted the trial with 5 monkeys?


Just like you can hold only a certain amount of candies in your clenched fist, an average human brain can build connections in the neuron pathways to accommodate 5, at most 6 people traits – at any given point in time. Heck, even try eating, listening, speaking and seeing – all at the same time. Focusing on all 4 senses is also not possible. Behaviors work similarly.
Each person you interact and spend time with, certain dominant traits & behaviors of that person tend to leave an imprint in your subconscious. Over time, these imprints tend to get hardened and spill over into your conscious self.

In fact, some (maybe most) of our strong beliefs & convictions are hard-boiled because of these 5 people around us.

In effect, you do end up succumbing to some level of unintentional ‘conformance’.
Basically, you do end up behaving, acting and living life in a similar fashion as the 5 people in your room.

Just like the monkeys did.

You know, we’ve evolved from them.
Haven’t we?

P.S. Who are the people you spend the most time with?
Are you similar to them in some way in thought, word, deed & action?

Think Think Think…

(The Monkey Experiment above actually had a different conclusion to it – one of lack of logical conformance – more like herd mentality. However, the outcome also implies the fact that ‘YOU EVENTUALLY BECOME THE AVERAGE OF THE 5 PEOPLE YOU SPEND THE MOST TIME WITH.‘)

P.P.S. My dear friend Vishal Uderani emailed me one point after reading this post. I am posting it below because it sure applies too! 🙂
“the example itself is a perfect description of herd mentality. But what of the one off instance where someone walks into your life and leaves an impact that makes you question things around you ? I believe such interactions however smaller in number can have a far larger impact on an individuals behaviour analysis.”

Vishal’s point is true in itself and calls for a separate post. One off instances are very powerful and just like in the example, they do alter your behavior and leave a long lasting impact on you. This post however is a general reminder of you becoming what you spend more (most) of your time with.

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  1. August 23, 2012 4:26 pm

    Interesting take this one!
    Hope I’m not surrounded my monkeys 😛

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